Toxic Backyard Pest Control

The Environmental Toxicity of Spraying Your Yard for Pests

Pests are annoying, but does this mean spraying chemicals on your lawn is the solution? No, you are making things worse by going down this route. You are eliminating one problem, but bringing a much bigger one straight into your lap. So, what is the reason for the chemicals being a problem?

It all stems back to the idea of environmental toxicity and what it can do to you in the long-run. There are numerous studies done on this topic, and each one has shown these chemicals are not a good idea.

Connection To Medical Concerns

Studies have shown there is a direct correlation between chemical use in the yard and multiple medical concerns such as liver damage, cancer, kidney damage, and more. You have to be certain about what is being used and the ingredients in the solution.

Pest control is vital as long as you are not hurting yourself along the way. Most of the symptoms you are going to see from the chemicals will come later on, and that is why people ignore the correlation. However, these medical reports done on those who have used such solutions always come back to the chemicals.

Why Organic instead of chemical pesticides


How does the chemical that you are putting on your lawn going to be bothering you? It comes down to exposure because there are many ways for you to interact with the chemicals that have been sprayed. They are going to be breathed in because the particles are going to linger in the air.

You are also going to have the chance to roll in it or have skin contact the particles.

It is best to make sure you are covering yourself when you are spraying the chemicals (if that is what you choose to do). If you are not protecting yourself, the chances of this exposure go through the roof, and you are making things worse.

Active For Months

The chemicals are not going to die out after a day. They are going to be lingering in the air and yard for at least a month according to studies done on the products. They are active for as long as a month, and that is a conservative estimate at best. Many can last longer.

This is great news for pest control, but bad for your health and general environmental toxicity.

It does a lot of damage to the planet.

No Government Protection

The government does not protect its citizens as well as it should when it comes to these matters. It does recommend natural solutions as a better way of tackling the pests, but these solutions are still sold because they are effective. The government puts little warnings, and that is about it.

There is no regulation on how far the chemicals can go when it comes to the pest control component.

You want to be confident about what you are buying instead of just spraying whatever you can find on the market. This is where you have to be diligent about your research.

Environmental toxicity is a real problem when it comes to pest control solutions for your yard and ignoring them is not a smart idea. You have to be focused on all aspects instead of just having a singular approach towards eliminating pests. Many natural solutions are just as effective and won’t damage the planet or your health along the way.  My favorite is Cedarcide’s Biting Insect Spray

Use those methods instead and the pests will be gone. Plus, you won’t be hurting living organisms.

There are far too many negatives associated with these chemicals to use them.